Ambassador Nix-Hines launches an IdeaLab on: “Public Private Partnerships and UNESCO: Maximizing Impact to Address 2030 Agenda Goals”


November 22, 2016, Paris

UNESCO’s relations with the private sector encompass cooperation with corporations, small and medium enterprises, philanthropic foundations, professional and economic associations as well as civil society.

Public-Private Partnerships are expected to play an increasingly important role as UNESO, like other multi-lateral organization, faces expanded mandates and increased fiscal pressure.

With the evolution of its policy for PPP’s and in line with the orientations of the United Nations system, and notably, the UN Global Compact, UNESCO has played a catalytic role in developing an avenue for public private partnerships in order to help meet the needs of the countries least likely to achieve education for all.

UNESCO has carried out various research projects (e.g. IIEP, Science PO Paris – see below) and projects at the operational level (see also UNEVOC). UNESCO also organizes workshops, seminars and meeting at national, regional and international levels.

Through discussions between the participants, this IdeaLab explored how UNESCO and Member States can better engage with the private sector and civil society to increase resource mobilization towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

  1. How well is UNESCO doing at developing multi-stakeholder partnerships?
  2. What obstacles are there to expanding and sustaining effective partnerships at UNESCO?
  3. What more can we and UNESCO do to develop and sustain partnerships that further the 2030 Agenda?