USUNESCO celebrates International Jazz Day at UNESCO

On April 21, the U.S. Mission to UNESCO, along with the Permanent Delegation of Brazil to UNESCO hosted a Jazz night at UNESCO, with the American jazz band ‘Sangoma Everett Trio, featuring Sulaimain Hakim (Saxophone) Bastian Brison (Piano) Thibaud Soulas (Bass) and Brazilian artist Manu Le Prince.

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From UNESCO’s website:

In November 2011, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. Through this united effort, International Jazz Day is the one day each year that jazz is celebrated worldwide, bringing together people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities in 196 countries.

International Jazz Day is chaired and led by Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director General, and legendary jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock, who serves as a UNESCO Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue and Chairman of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz. The Institute is the lead nonprofit organization charged with planning, promoting and producing this annual worldwide celebration.

In December 2012, the United Nations General Assembly officially welcomed the decision by the General Conference of UNESCO to proclaim April 30 as International Jazz Day. The United Nations called upon its Member States to participate actively in the celebration of International Jazz Day in order to develop and increase intercultural exchanges and understanding between cultures for the purpose of mutual comprehension and tolerance. International Jazz Day, April 30, is recognized on the official calendars of both the United Nations and UNESCO. Jazz is a musical art form embraced all over the world. For more than a century, jazz has helped soothe and uplift the souls of millions of people in all corners of the globe. International Jazz Day is a means to highlight and leverage the unifying attributes of this music through celebratory events and programs worldwide on April 30 of each year.

International Jazz Day brings together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about jazz and its roots, future and impact; raise awareness of the need for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding; and reinforce international cooperation and communication. Every year on April 30, this international art form is recognized for promoting peace, dialogue among cultures, diversity, and respect for human dignity, eradicating discrimination, fostering gender equality, and promoting individual expression.

According to Herbie Hancock, “On International Jazz Day, jazz is celebrated, studied, and performed around the world for 24 hours straight. Collaborations abound among jazz icons, scholars, composers, musicians, dancers, writers, and thinkers who embrace the beauty, spirit, and principles of jazz, freely sharing experiences and performances in our big cities and in our small towns, all across our seven continents. I can’t think of a better way to build peace and cultural understanding, the core principles of UNESCO.”

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